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Flexible terms to suit your business

For Specific Projects or Long Term Flexible Contracts. Standard packages for the startup business or bespoke solutions for the larger business


Expertise and experience, on flexible terms to suit your business


Our part-time finance director services are ideal for small businesses or private clients looking for an experienced Finance Director to help them manage any aspect of their finances, accounting or tax.

An experienced Finance Director can bring an enormous amount of benefit to your business. From setting up your business and financial plans, and helping you achieve your targets, to the management or outsource of your entire finance function.

Most business owners appreciate the benefits that an experienced FD can bring but do not necessarily need the services of a full time FD. That is why our services can be arranged on flexible terms to suit your requirements, whether it is some quarterly assistance with your cashflow management or for longer term contracts of up to 2 days per week.


Whether you need a business plan to raise finance or a financial plan to help you drive your business to improved profitability, an experienced Finance Director can help.

We can work with your business team and lead the development of a credible and robust business plan that can be used for any purpose.

The business plan is only the start of the process. We can help you monitor your financial performance against the plan so that you can quickly identify, and resolve, problems before they become a significant issue.


Control of your businesses financial transactions and processes is a critical part of your Finance Directors responsibilities. The responsibilities range from ensuring your business has the appropriate purchase and payment processes to ensuring the business has the information it needs to understand how it is performing and what it needs to do to improve.

We can work with your business to ensure it has the appropriate control procedures set up and, critically, to ensure it has control over the cash it spends. This will include ensuring that it is fully compliant with all of its tax, accounting and other regulatory requirements.

The management of your finance function is also an integral part of this control process. We can help you with this or, simply, manage, or outsource, your entire finance function to take this area of responsibility off your hands.


Businesses need information about their performance in order to succeed. Whether this is financial information about the cashflow or profitability of the business or information and analysis about the sales and marketing pipeline.

In order to manage the vast amount of information that is available to most businesses many businesses rely on intelligent financial and operational dashboard reports to help focus the managers attention on the critical areas. Successful dashboard reports such as these can summarise on a single page all of the performance metrics, based on business performance data, that are critical to the success of the business. These metrics can range from website analytics, sales pipeline and conversion metrics, through financial performance to HR and employee satisfaction indices.

We can work with you to establish the key metrics that drive the success of your business, set targets and monitor performance against them using an intelligent dashboad.


You may be one of the many business owners that has ambitious plans for your business. Delivering these will require continued transformation of all aspects of your business. From a critical focus on cashflow in the early stages, to expansion and growth as the business becomes more successful.

A continued focus on cost is critical to ensure your business does not become bloated as it grows and is the only way to ensure your profits grow with your sales.

An experienced Finance Director on your team will be able to lead a continued focus on cost transformation to ensure your business is always delivering against its profit targets as well as its sales targets.


Could your business be improved by a better use of technology? Perhaps a better web presence or a web application to engage customers and automate parts of your sales or operational processes. Perhaps you have a collection of applications and systems that are now getting in your way and causing a hindrance rather than helping. Separate web, CRM, accounting systems, combined with the ubiquitous spreadsheets, can slow the business down.

The accounting system is often the heart of a small businesses IT estate and its integration with the many and diverse applications that are now available to help a business can be a major driver of simplification and cost reduction.

We can work with you to clarify your goals for the business and identify, and implement, technology that can help simplify your business and reduce cost.


As a firm of Chartered Accountants we are experienced at helping our clients deal with the many taxes that they are responsible for and ensuring they are only paying the tax they are required to pay and no more. We can manage for you all of your business and personal taxes and deal directly with HRMC on your behalf as your tax agent.

For small businesses we can deal with the full range of taxes from corporation tax, VAT, PAYE, capital gains and income tax for the business owner.

All clients receive a full initial assessment of their financial and tax position to ensure they are clear about the taxes they are responsible for and the ways in which they can minimise their tax bill. We act as a tax agent for our clients so that we can deal directly with HMRC on all tax matters.


Our Finance Director services are designed to be flexible to suit your needs, and our rates are too.

For micro-businesses or private clients who are looking for an all inclusive tax and accounting package with some Finance Director support, we offer a range of fixed price packages. With a quarterly Finance Director review included these packages start at £160 +VAT/month.

Fixed Price Packages

For larger businesses looking for a part time Finance Director on a longer term contract our rates start at £450 +VAT/day.

Finance Director Services

If you are looking to grow your business, or just deal with some challenging issues, having an experienced Finance Director working with you can bring and an enormous amount of benefit to your business.

Business Planning

Create detailed business & financial plans

Performance Dashboards

Analyse and monitor the key financial & operational metrics

Cost Reduction

Identify opportunities, develop & implement plans

Business Decisions

Investment cases, new products/services, new markets

Finance Function

Manage all of your finance responsibilites

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