Standard Prices

Monthly Charge

Annual Charge

Business Accounts & Tax


Income Tax



£10 £120

Directors Payroll

£7.5 £90


- Annual £96
- Quarterly £15 £180
- Monthly £30 £360

Standard Packages

Annual Charge


Business Accounts & Tax - Paid Monthly £300
Business Accounts & Tax - Paid Annually in Advance £180


- Business Accounts & Tax £300
- Income Tax £100
- VAT £40
- Directors Payroll £40
TOTAL - Paid Monthly £540
TOTAL - Paid Annually in Advance £420


Full Service - Paid Monthly £3000
Full Service - Paid Annually in Advance £2640

Note on Prices:
1. All prices are quoted excluding VAT. VAT at the standard rate will be added to all services.
2. The prices of the standard packages are for businesses with a turnover of less than £150k pa.
3. The prices are based on a 12 month service. The full annual fee for the annual returns needs to be paid before the returns are filed.
4. The prices for bookkeeping are based on the client providing CSV downloads of their bank statements and electronic copies for all other accounting transactions. The Annual Bookkeeping service is provided once a year and the Monthly Bookkeeping service is provided once per month.
5. The Automated services uses Secure Connect to download banking transactions and a quarterly catch-up bookkeeping service for non-banking transactions that are provided electronically by the client.

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